About Us

Torque Classic Cars is your single source for all your classic car needs; World class restorations, expert maintenance and repairs, climate controlled storage and a dedicated sales team ready to assist with your next classic car.

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Our mission is simple…

Our mission is to support the needs of enthusiasts who are as passionate about their cars as we are. Our passion for cars is represented in the work we do, and our relentless commitment to delivering the best is seen in every element of our business. Our team also deeply understands the eccentricities of these wonderful machines, and the evolution of our profession.  Before we were ever a service provider, we were customers and dealt with the same issues that most enthusiasts deal with today; Where do we find competent, trustworthy facilities that can handle the different needs of our cars? Is the schedule realistic? Is the management being transparent? After searching relentlessly, we came to the conclusion that finding such a place was more difficult than we ever imagined. At that time we realized there was a void in the industry, and a need for a comprehensive, qualified, and honest facility. So we set out to build the best company we could; We handpicked our techs and partners, assembled a facility and started restoring our own cars. Yes, we were our own first customers, and because of this we were able to start identifying our own strengths and weaknesses.

Early on, it was clear that schedules and commitments could not be honored if any part of the project was not controlled internally; Minimizing the need to use outside sources is key to a successful restoration experience.  One of the biggest disappointments is having your car jockeyed around to other companies and shops after you’ve entrusted a shop with its safe keeping. To avoid this we set up our own specialized departments (such as engine building/mechanical, upholstery/trim, paint/body, and electrical) in house and working closely together.  Through our network of industry professionals we partnered with the best specialty providers in the industry such as Glasurit, Wurth, and Pasubio, to name a few.  In our experience, it takes thoughtful planning, careful execution, and a plethora of qualified resources to deliver a world class restoration.

Our staff consists of highly trained vintage car experts with a profound knowledge of the restoration industry. To keep up with the latest trends and innovations, we hold informative sessions where we study industry updates, review tech insights and analyze market trends. Weekly department meetings bring light to any project changes and give management the opportunity to track progress. Because our vendors are an important part of our business, we have a stringent selection process to insure we only use quality vendors that share our passion. Only when all of this comes together, harmoniously and without sacrificing integrity, can you label yourself as a restoration expert.