Our restorations are where artisans, technicians, engineers and drivers come together to recreate astonishing pieces of automotive wonder. From project planning to vehicle delivery, every step of the process is masterfully executed. Every detail is carefully inspected by our quality control department. Our diverse team of professionals and vast resources around the globe bring results like no other. We’ve built a solid infrastructure to support every facet of the project, all in house all working together to deliver the ultimate restoration experience.

We believe it is important that anyone considering undertaking a restoration understand the different levels of restoration and how involved each phase can be. Determining the right restoration for your project can be a daunting task requiring serious consideration. Managing customer expectations is by far the most critical part of the project however by informing our customers and sharing our knowledge we’ve created a process that is enjoyable, uncomplicated and straightforward. We are committed to you, your car and the experience, come be part of something amazing


From the Mercedes-Benz M130 to the legendary Colombo Ferrari V12 and everything in between, highly qualified technicians can perform full engine rebuilds to factory specs or can add individually designed performance upgrades to make your vintage car more enjoyable. Better performance, exceptional reliability and reduced emissions are just a few of the features of our fully adaptable conversions. We want you to enjoy your classic car with confidence and without sacrificing the look. With a combination of state of the art technology and old world craftsmanship our team can design the package that is right for you.

Packages can be custom tailored to include:

Fuel Injection*Five and Six Speed Transmissions*Brakes*Suspension*Cooling System


With over 40 years in the leather care industry our services extend much further than just great upholstery. As a proud member of the UNITERS Group of companies we have the support of chemists, scientist and developers that are on the leading edge of leather care and preservation. With clients in over 100 countries our Leather Master brand is used in everything from airplanes to handbags. Our environmentally friendly care products can rejuvenate, rehydrate and protect all type of leather interiors. Recreations and new installations are done by our team of leather crafters who carefully hand select every hide. With our extensive selection of colors and finishes we have the right leather for the project.  Carpets are trimmed and bound to exacting dimensions. We can even create bespoke interiors for those one of a kind show pieces. Convertible tops can be made from Stayfast, Sunbrela or Mohair.

Body work & paint

Every stage of a project is important however an exquisite paint job is by far the most noticeable and less forgiving part of any restoration.  An impeccable glass like finish is desired by every paint professional however to achieve this; every task must be flawlessly executed. While the general dynamics of painting cars has not changed in decades, performance painting incorporates many modern techniques that help us deliver ultra durable finishes; efficiently and with little environmental impact. Our processes have been designed to deliver results to the highest of standards. From our dustless sanding systems to our state of the art mixing room, every department is fully equipped to maximize efficiency, prevent cross contamination and promote a healthier, safer working environment.

We proudly use Glasurit paints.

Glasurit Paint logo


Electrical issues can be the most difficult to diagnose. Most of the times, they are not apparent and are nearly impossible to duplicate. Not only can electrical flaws be annoying but they can also pose a safety hazard. It takes a special set of skills to troubleshoot and properly repair a defective electrical system. Our direct current specialists can effectively isolate any damaged circuitry, wiring harness or components such as generators/alternators, relays, solenoids, diodes and more.

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